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Buy regular valves to eliminate hazards

Release time : 2016.09.22 Visit : 1579 times

In recent days, or across the country is high, or heavy rain, high temperature region often hear some users say the valve valve leak, causing a fire or explosion, and the rainstorm area also has many leaks drainage pipe valve is a plunger, causing the ground water and so on. This series of disasters are mostly caused by the purchase of substandard valves.
Valve production when a higher demand for mechanical processing industry, but also the market more chaotic industry, many do not have the production of some of the valve is still in the underground production, but also some to buy some parts assembly and so on. So they can still sell the main valve products are low price, such as a valve (Q41F16P), DN25 standard according to the market price is 250 yuan, but some unqualified products may be sold to the purchaser valve 100. So the valve is a serious formal business. For example, China's valve industry online businesses!
In addition, the valve procurement is a very critical step, that is the "valve selection", what environment with what valves, corrosive off can not use rubber seal, hydraulic control valve is not necessary to use ordinary nuclear valves, the selection can not just listen to the advice of a valve manufacturer said perhaps, this kind of high-end valve valve manufacturers only, sold to you, so you have to spend more money. You can consult a number of valve industry network (China valve industry network) station, they will stand on your side, for you to consider, because you are the end users of their services!