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"Machine bonus to promote enterprises to increase efficiency

Release time : 2016.09.22 Visit : 1381 times

Today, rising labor costs have become a major challenge companies have to face. Under the guidance of the government and the efforts of enterprises, some enterprises to actively respond to the sea, set off a "machine substitution" of the wind through the introduction of new technology, new machine, improve the level of industrial equipment and labor productivity, resolve employment problems in the development process of transformation. It is understood that this year will arrange Haiyan machine substitutions pilot project of about 20.
Reporters saw in the company, in a huge production workshop, the workers are a part of the assembly into various types of ball valves. In this way, the traditional way of assembly and the way of automatic machine assembly coexist. Traditional assembly by a dozen workers to operate, we sit in a row, each worker took on a worker came over the half finished, completed their operations, and then passed to the next worker. This way the number of workers needed, the operation of the pipeline length.
And the use of the company developed the assembly machine, a worker can be competent for the whole assembly work. The machine has a number of carrying tray, tray storage of all parts, workers simply can be a simple operation can be assembled a ball valve.